Dry Salt Therapy, also known as salt chamber treatment (SCT) or  halotherapy, involves spending time relaxing in a spa-like    environment while salt-infused air is pumped into the room. The     treatment space may also feature salt-covered walls and salt    crystals strewn about the floor, and a 40-minute session typically    costs around $45. ( We have chosen to do a 45 minute session for  only $25 to make the treatment for accessible for those on a fixed   income.)

Treating asthma and other respiratory conditions with inhaled salt has been a common practice in eastern Europe and Russia," explains Kimmo Saarinen, PhD, of Finland's South Karelia Allergy and Environment Institute. Salt chamber treatment is a modern way to mimic conditions of salt caves.

In 1843, a Polish doctor, F. Bitchkovsky, discovered that the environment inside salt mines had a positive effect on the respiratory diseases. This resulted in many salt mines in Eastern Europe being used as medical retreats for patients with lung diseases. Thus Halotherapy became an effective, conventional and drug free method of treatment for repository illnesses. In the 1980’S Russian Pulmonary Physician Dr. Alina Chervinskaya MD. PHD, began her research at the Scientific and Clinical Center of Preventive and Rehabilitation Pulmonology of Sokolov. Her findings were that the small size of dry salt particle allowed them to penetrate into the smallest parts of the lungs.